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​  3 fundamentals

Hi guys! I'm hiroto. I'm gonna show you the 3 tips about my daily training.

these are really easy and really important thing for improve your music.

so check it out. I hope you like it😌

3 fundamental: チーム

1 Don't worry about the time

this is mindset.

It is not necessary to think you need to practice an hour or two a day, or more, to get better.

More important to keep playing for a little while every day.

Set your alarm for 10 or 20 minutes, tune up and start basic training.

After that you can play as you like.

Play everyday.touch the music everyday.

3 fundamental: 画像

​2 Finger training

Training to improve the movement of your fingers.

Check out the videos and tabs below. 2 strings a day will do.  

When you get used to it, play faster.

The movement of your fingers changes daily.

3 fundamental: チーム
3 fundamental: 画像
finger training pdf.png

​fingert training

1.Playing this for the first time, play it slowly.

2.From the open to 12th fret, And  come back to the open string.

3.Guitar phrases has many different combinations .    

Improve all of your finger's move so that you can start and you can play with all fingers.

3 fundamental: 画像

3 Learn major scale

the major scale is base of music.

Check out the video and tab below.

Play “Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do” on your guitar. To be play anywhere on the neck.

3 fundamental: チーム
3 fundamental: 動画
major scale pdf.png

​major scale

1.all of music made by major scale.

2.When you get used to it, play and sing the notes.

Learn the sound of the notes with your body.

3.You've got  the notes, slide the string. let's find the same notes as in the major scale.

3 fundamental: 画像
3 fundamental: 画像

I know everybody's ideal style is defferent.

If you have the style what you want to be,but you don't know how it is.

I can help you.

I'll be the instructor who you want.


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